School Events


Tucson school events dj

Some of the most memorable moments in high school are the dances.  Deciding who will be your date, what you will wear, taking pictures with your friends, and dancing to your favorite song when the DJ plays it… But does the DJ have your favorite song? If he does, is it a clean version that can be played at your school?

When Main Events does your party, these are questions you never have to worry about. Main Events not only has the best, most experienced DJ’s in Southern Arizona, we also has the best sound and light systems. With concert quality speakers and state of the art LED light show, we can make your next school dance one to remember.

  • Proms
  • Winter Formals
  • Homecomings
  • Grad Night Lock-ins
  • Pep Rallies
  • Music Video Mixing
  • School Logo Projection
  • State of the Art Sound Systems
  • Intelligent Lighting and Lasers
  • Photo Booths

 We bring the night club experience to your dance with the best sound and lighting available.  Call now for more details (520) 909-5970